The Closer I get, the further away I go…

I found out today that my friend had a double stroke; that is, a stroke on both sides of her brain. This completely incapacitates her and I do not know if she will come out of it, I pray she does, but only God knows for sure.

Last year, before Christmas I lost another dear friend to Cancer. She was also a beautiful soul. And then the day after Christmas I lost my big sister. Before all these deaths happened I should have known, for a terrible omen was given me. My sweet baby Chihuahua was killed right before my eyes right after Thanksgiving. I was a bout to walk her, and how she loved walks. I dropped her leash, which scared her, and she fell into the street underneath a small truck passing.

I have not recovered from all these events, and then two weeks ago my brother told me he had Cancer and is on Chemo already.

And now this; my friend of over 40 years has had a double stroke.

I remember when I was a young girl, my mother having to go to many funerals or hearing about many friends she knew who were passing or had passed away. I remember how sad she was. I completely understand her feelings now.

So I wrote a poem this afternoon. It just poured out of me from a brokenheartedness that began with my little Chihuahua, Frieda. Please go to my “Romance Poet” page and read my poem, and let me know if you are going through similar circumstances or if you have gone through such circumstances. Or, if you have not had circumstances similarly, just wanting to empathize. I will appreciate any love and support I can get. I am praying for my friend to live. It will most likely be a long haul to wellness, but I am willing to go through it with her, just to have her here a little longer…


Do you remember the movie, “Jerry Maguire?” Do you remember the part when he wrote the “mission statement” that ended his employ  with the big agency? Do you remember how exactly he realized what he’d done?

It wasn’t when they fired him, it wasn’t when they threw him a party. It was right after he’d written it and sent them all to the mailboxes of each person employed with him. Remember that? The Hawaii Five0 character (I think) whose eyes shifted sideward indicating an “uh oh,” and then the bomb went off….THAT is when he realized he’d actually done what would change his life.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, my whole life isn’t changed simply by my changing the name on my site, but…

Well, I just changed my blogging site’s name here, and suddently it said:

“this page has been removed!!!”

All the hard work gone into this page disappeared!!! I became frantic. I thought:

Uh Oh….

I was going to have to start from scratch. I am still not sure, but if that happens I may as well shoot myself. I’m not doing this again.

I’m not published yet and I’m as the old woman in the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” says, “I’m at the jumping off place” (end of my life.) I’ve got no connections, no network, in fact: I’m an introvert, too sensitive to be rejected, and live in a hidden imagination world… All I have is this danged site to tell ANYONE WHO’S LISTENING that I’m here and I’m writing. Can anyone see this? Please, let me know.


Today’s “slant” on original meaning of Literature

I am posting an article from another “writer” this week, not only because the topic is interesting (since she too is posting on another writer’s work) but because of the slant of the writer who is posting about another writer–try and keep up.

Yes, it’s true. I too am posting with my own slant, and if you propose to tell me it isn’t true you are deluding yourself. So before I go out to find some writer bashing my opinion, let me give it to you. I find the writer that posted an article about a work of Ian Fleming’s is missing a backbone.

For one thing, we must remember who Ian Fleming is and what the time period was when he wrote. Ian Fleming was a heterosexual man who liked women in the rawest sense and enjoyed entertaining others with his shade of thrills. Simply put, he was a man’s man; no harm in that but of course, perhaps from today’s standpoint it is to some–many–over-social collective conscious.

The “author” who posted his article gave a disclaimer before she posted it. My my…If it doesn’t smack of immigration or LGBTQ… (sorry too many initials to remember off the cuff) then, it’s not Literature?

I read it. Ian Fleming does not offend me, being that I am a woman; I am first a writer when it comes to good work. Nor was I interested in an exposition as to how he was some kind of sad case in the new world of liberally equal participants in our democracy (oh, except for Christians).

We must remember in Ian Fleming’s heyday, homosexuality was not so prevalent legally as it is today back in the early 60s, not to mention the other many pockets of socially disgruntled persons who want their own signpost. Not all his women were idiots either, though maybe all of them were startlingly beautiful and free with their sexuality (which group of Feminists is that offensive to, I forget).

My point is this. Stop bellyaching about the literature of the past, and try not to compartmentalize it into a social intolerable statement. Just enjoy the fact that we have a rich history of Literature, whether agreeable or not.  Consider the resources writers had at the time, look at the work, the writing itself, and try and pull from it gems of transcendent meaning for your lifetime, or just be entertained. Even the shallow, sexist, racist works of past writers who lived in that time have value; it was their period of time.

Now. Enjoy the read:

Ian Fleming Explains How to Write a Thriller, Circa 1963