The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

Review: The Life We Bury

By Allen Eskens

This novel is a thriller about a college student named Joe Talbert. He must write a biography on an elderly person, so he goes to a nursing home and meets a man named Carl Iverson, a Vietnam veteran who is

 a convicted murderer and rapist. Iverson served thirty years in prison but was paroled to a nursing home because he has terminal Cancer. Joe Talbert was looking for a hero about which to write. Instead, he finds a villain. Or, does he?

The characters are not necessarily who they seem to be. The plot unfolds through a myriad of twists and turns. The author uses subtle imagery that invokes the reader’s own imagination, causing a partnership among the readers & the author, bringing readers deeper into the story. I could visualize every character and plot movement. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read about shifting identities and amateur sleuths.

Reviewed by:

Elizabeth Hamilton

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