About 1960, I began to look inward to describe to myself what I might be about, what it was I observed, who I might be or was at the time, and where I might go once I grew up; I was ten years old.

At that time, I began to write: first scripts of tv movies, informally, then songs and lyrics, then short stories and finally long novels and/or novellas. The funny thing was I never showed anyone what I wrote, except the people who never validated me in the first place: my family.

So it isn’t unusual that I never brought out anything I wrote until I was about twenty-five, divorced, and wanting to be a singer. The first attempt at exposure was my songs.

AS that did not go too well, since there are probably more people wanting to be in Hollywood, in some kind of limelight, more than there are ants in an anthill, I decided to give it up, tend to my children, and get married again. That was a mistake.

Later, I got married again after my divorce, and that too might have been a mistake. However, the thing good about that was that I was able to go to college at a very late age, grew up emotionally somewhat and finally was able to actually hope for a better me.

So now that I am, as they say, in the winter of my life I am finally spouting off so much fodder–albeit without much shuffle and interest–that I am fine with the little bit of writing I’ve done, yes I hope someone might say to me that it is worth something, but if not, I will go quietly and comfortably to my grave without much regret.

So here I am an alumnus of a bachelor’s degree in English, to teach. I further educated myself as an alumnus of a master’s degree in Education, to teach, and throughout I managed to acquire a real estate broker’s license to gain an occasional check.

Looking back I am proud of this in my life: I am a mother of three fine human beings. To boot, I am a grandmother of four wonderful young people, and I remained still married to the man who distracted me from my life’s drama for at least thirty-three years.

I hope you get something from my writing and take it with you to a better tomorrow.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. You are such a great poet Lydia. I have enjoyed every bit of your literature here and I will always pop in to see what is happening. Thank you


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