How ’bout that day job…

Forgive me: I’m a Baby Boomer. Bob Dylan was big in my day.

My Real estate license and service is here if you need it (#00851006). Realtors have been added to the list of essential persons, why? Think about it. People need to have their shelter; no one WANTS to be homeless. Everyone WANTS to have a home where they can feel happy, hopeful, and safe. Sometimes the home they have needs to move to where their family originated, or they need to exchange a monumental palace, which was once filled with little ones, and move to a small place for “just the two of us,” stage of life.Sometimes, young people need to feel they can go out on their own from their parents and find hope and happiness of their own.

This Coronavirus, (COVID-19) pandemic has robbed us all of a hopeful tomorrow, and a happy future; we just do not know. So. real estate shopping or moving keeps us hoping and living and moving. We need to feel like we are progressing, NO MATTER WHAT. So. try to understand what I’m doing here. I WANT to be of service as your personal professional problem solver (PPPS) to help you get to that place that will restore to you a little of what you had in the life before: home, security, happiness, shelter from the storm.



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