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Greetings to those among you who are seeking a literature professor or writer or research assistant:

There is nothing less significant than one should offer a candid view of one’s personality. Mine is quite diverse, passionate and humorous, besides intellectual and knowledgeable overall. I am a good candidate  to teach  literary writing,  composition and literary commentary .

Thank you for listening.

Lydia Nolan, M. Ed.

Lydia Nolan
4248 Village Drive, “H” ∙ Chino Hills, CA 92260
Cell: 909-560-9981 ∙ Fax: 909-270-3870

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” ~ Nelson Mandela



To teach what I know and what I love, that is, to teach Literature of the English and American cultures. I am willing to re-locate, and I will dedicate myself to the betterment of students in whom I entrust my knowledge.

Education, Honors, and/or Certifications

  • California State University, Fullerton | MS, Reading, 12 Units | MA Education
  • University of Phoenix | MA Education | MA, Secondary Credential – English
  • Claremont Graduate university| Novel | Writing | British Literature | American Literature
  • California State Poly Tech University, Pomona | BA, English
  • Western State University College of Law | Torts | Contracts
  • Mt. San Antonio Community College | AA, Liberal Arts

Key Qualifications

  • Teach and Lecture on Writing, and in Literature generally: British and American Literature
  • Enhanced Reading Appreciation for Students of English,Composition, and for English Language Learners
  • Lesson/Coursework Plan and scheduled work through Syllabus for the year and for basic student success in the discipline and careful organization of study of Reading, Composition, Writing, Literary Devices, American, British, and World Literature surveys.
  • Constructivist approach to, and Autonomous practice of subject/course materials consistent with student learning , within administrative objectives and educational protocol. Excellent interpersonal skills and experience in diversity and student populations.

Experienced Business Educator · As a Real Estate Broker I have contributed to the design and presentation of various business management/real estate workshops and I have Instructed government staff by hands-on training within service objectives and documentation, while carefully attaining important information in confidentiality for clients and professional groups. I  presented at seminars for sales teams and mortgage agents. I also Interned and Substituted long term Teaching assignments in American and English Literature, and completed 12 Units of Reading courses with both upper level students and English language learners.

Employment |Professional Development in Education Interned at the college level coursework: Reading and Composition (2012-2013), Karen Lim: Mentor Instructor, for San Diego City College · Substituted long term English Middle School (2011-2012 school year) , Coordinator, Blanca Dale, for Desert Sands Unified School District · (Simultaneously) Real Estate/Broker/Realtor | Windermere So Cal Real Estate CV | Licensed since 1982 and active intermittently through present. I completed Student Teaching for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders at Hamilton High School & Fontana High School |British & American Literature |April-July 2010 · Substitute Teaching/Long Term| Rowland Heights Unified School District & Walnut Valley Unified School District | 1999 to 2009 · United States Department of Health, Education & Welfare/SSA Administration | Headquarters, Baltimore, MD | 1971-1981 Professional Affiliations and Websites

Interests, General Honors, and Awards

-Reading, Fiction Writing, Poetry, Singing, Dancing, & Walking my dogs; I love Fishing, Casual Hiking and Badminton. -UC Riverside Research Scholar Award for undergraduate seminar regarding the postmodern work of Samuel Beckett, and the Theater of the Absurd (1999). -Seminar at UC Riverside, regarding “Waiting for Godot,” a dramatic analysis (1999). -Winner, 1st Place, Science Fiction: “The Third Origin,” Mt. San Antonio College (1986). -Member, Toastmasters International-Public Speakers. (2011)-Book Reviewer & book Editor, for online virtual café: a market for self-published authors and aspiring writers. – Founder & Creator:  International Books Café at (2008):

www,  or  ****************************************************


“Given her performance in class, I have every reason to believe that she is already a fine teacher in her own right. Please let me know if I can further assist in Lydia’s candidacy.” Dr. Marc Redfield, Professor/Chair Comparative Literature Brown University, Rhode Island

“Lydia was always demonstrating the willingness to learn and take on new challenges; I have the utmost confidence that she will be a huge asset to those lucky enough to have her as part of their team….” Errik Watari, Multiple Subjects/Intervention Facilitator Montebello Unified School District

“Ms. Nolan would make, I believe, a responsible, competent, caring teacher. I highly recommend her…” Donald J. Kraemer, Professor English & Foreign Languages, California Poly- Technic University, Pomona

“Lydia has a passion for teaching and a solid grounding in content knowledge. I observed her reaching students with her love of English and her compassion for them as individuals. Her care for her students and drive to transmit her passion for the subject of English to those students will be key components in her future success.” William H. Crocker, MA MasterTeacher, English Hamilton High School

“…it was evident through her assignments, class discussions, and personal communications that she is a dedicated educator. She has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the issues relevant to education, and I believe she has the capabilities to address them in an appropriate manner that will prove beneficial for her students. Antonio Gonzalez, Professor Graduate Studies, University of Phoenix, Ontario

I am never too old or too tired, never too busy or much bothered to teach my passion: Literature.


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