The Series: The Longmire Mystery Series

Do you like mysteries? Do you like westerns? Do you like contemporary western/cultural mysteries? You will like this series then. While these short novels are not academic by any means, and are very simple reading, they are exciting if you like the midwest landscape imagery, the theme of mystery and all its tenets, and the culturalContinue reading “The Series: The Longmire Mystery Series”

Review: Four Souls, by Louise Erdrich

Four Souls by Louise Erdrich (2004). Harper Collins. New York, NY. ISBN 0-06-620975-7   This book is not your usual crime thriller, hero adventure, erotics, romance; frightful, playful or simple novel. It is about the life of people whose thoughts, ideas, values and beliefs are different than the usual American norm: coming from the perspective ofContinue reading “Review: Four Souls, by Louise Erdrich”

Review: Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko

BN-13: 9780140086836 Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated Publication date: 3/28/1986 Edition description: Reprint Pages: 272 While “Ceremony” is not a new book, it is a classic Native American book, with lots to teach us about the concept of coming home, and ceremonious ideology. Leslie Marmon Silko is Native American. She has written a book thatContinue reading “Review: Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko”

Review: 1, dated 5/27/14. The Returned

 Review of: The Returned “The Returned” by Jason Mott ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-1533-9 Copyright 2013 by Jason Mott Publisher: Harlequin  MIRA $24.95 US, $27.95 CAN. 352pp. Nothing is more satisfying than reading a spellbinding book from a new author who knows how to apply all the necessary ingredients to keep you reading. I have had that satisfying experience this weekend. Author, JasonContinue reading “Review: 1, dated 5/27/14. The Returned”

Review: 2, Dated 5/26/21. The Glass Castle

Wall, Jeanette. (2005). The Glass Caste. New York, NY: Scribner, A Division of Simon & Shuster, Inc. I will discuss this book academically, as I had to use it for a class I taught, and was not the primary teacher. I would have rather a different book, however, this is the one we completed andContinue reading “Review: 2, Dated 5/26/21. The Glass Castle”

IBC Review Section.Vol.1, R1.

Welcome. Please note, this is the first and foremost opening of our journal, Volume 1, Page 1, in our Review Section, R1. Please note, we are in the process of constructing this site, we welcome you, and we hope you continue to check on us, to see what marvels we may come across, hopefully, of interest toContinue reading “IBC Review Section.Vol.1, R1.”