Looks Like Summer, but Mother Nature Lies

Here in sunny Southern California, it’s a beautiful sunny day. Actually, it’s been lovely and sunny for the last few days, and although the grassy knoll in front of my patio is soaked through, the sun will quickly see that the grass areas, the bushels, the shrubs and all the trees will soon take toContinue reading “Looks Like Summer, but Mother Nature Lies”

Save it for the Morning After

Electric Counterpart” by Pat Metheny, “Smooth Jazz” by Roy Ayers, and “Everybody’s gotta Learn Sometime” by Beck. Dedicated to my baby girl, now in Heaven with my Big Sis November 7, 2010 – October 1, 2022 I awoke this morning with a song in my head, and quickly began singing it to myself. It wasContinue reading “Save it for the Morning After”

Three Reasons for Falling Short

by Lydia Nolan Lately I have lost motivation for everything I had desire for or to do, or any journey to take. I had plans to carry out various goals and strategies someday. I am no longer interested in going forward at all. Something is amiss. I have read enough psychological articles, books, biographies toContinue reading “Three Reasons for Falling Short”

Our Theory of Friendship

by Lydia Nolan © October 31, 2022 “A friend sticks to, through thick or thin, If they don’t, then, they don’t understand the true meaning of a friend.” ~Lydia Nolan Families usually do not encompass friendship. Being raised with a number of family members, especially if we are raised in a dysfunctional family, they doContinue reading “Our Theory of Friendship”


Being a writer isn’t always glamorous. In fact, it’s not glamorous at all, at least not while you are actually writing. There are many components to writing besides the actual narrative you write. I call these components peripherals, and they are just as necessary as your written works, not very unlike the peripheral vision oneContinue reading “Peripherals”

The Zombie Phenomena

This morning I had all intentions of writing something of artistic, creative & loving value. And then came the computer, Silicon Valley’s Satan. Its developers’ dossier: techie squeelers, billing trailers, secret gateway soldiers, identity shifters, and all sorts of negative technical TRICKS in which they are capable of keeping themselves masked and anonymous while robbingContinue reading “The Zombie Phenomena”

Today is One of those Days…

I don’t care what the medical institute says, I don’t believe in BiPolar illness, why? I will tell you. It contradicts Hypersensitive Personality, How? I will tell you. Hypersensitivity is supposedly a natural phenomenon and is found in 20% of the world population (just reiterating what I read). Hypersensitivity is a personality kind, a wayContinue reading “Today is One of those Days…”

Native Roots are Sometimes not Healthy

People are always talking about “remember where you came from” on the one hand. On the other hand people are always reprimanding “don’t live in the past, but stay present.” Now, these two phrases seem contradictory don’t they? They could become combative at some point in time, as well. For example, as one gets olderContinue reading “Native Roots are Sometimes not Healthy”

How to Warm Up a Cold Brain

Often I awake feeling numb as a sheet of paper awaiting its creator for form, content–just anything.  But its context first, or is it content first? Now is my time to wet the sheet with words; instructions and inhalation’s of my surroundings, as evidence of life yesterday and the day before–and today of course. IContinue reading “How to Warm Up a Cold Brain”