Do you remember the movie, “Jerry Maguire?” Do you remember the part when he wrote the “mission statement” that ended his employ  with the big agency? Do you remember how exactly he realized what he’d done?

It wasn’t when they fired him, it wasn’t when they threw him a party. It was right after he’d written it and sent them all to the mailboxes of each person employed with him. Remember that? The Hawaii Five0 character (I think) whose eyes shifted sideward indicating an “uh oh,” and then the bomb went off….THAT is when he realized he’d actually done what would change his life.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, my whole life isn’t changed simply by my changing the name on my site, but…

Well, I just changed my blogging site’s name here, and suddently it said:

“this page has been removed!!!”

All the hard work gone into this page disappeared!!! I became frantic. I thought:

Uh Oh….

I was going to have to start from scratch. I am still not sure, but if that happens I may as well shoot myself. I’m not doing this again.

I’m not published yet and I’m as the old woman in the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” says, “I’m at the jumping off place” (end of my life.) I’ve got no connections, no network, in fact: I’m an introvert, too sensitive to be rejected, and live in a hidden imagination world… All I have is this danged site to tell ANYONE WHO’S LISTENING that I’m here and I’m writing. Can anyone see this? Please, let me know.


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