End of Days In Writer’s Language

I swear it, these days remain transparent of the untruth of the matter of positivity and hope in society. I just want to stop trying to get anything accomplished and give up the hope in ever making it as a writer or a realtor, or a housewife or a pet owner or anything that has an -er as a suffix.. with the exception if housewife. But I really don’t want that one….

I don’t know if anyone else is tired of it, but I for one am sick to death of all the “helpers” that are claiming to help a person become… yes, become–never mind what you are becoming, they are there, waiting to help you get to a destination that appears to move forward just steps before you can ever reach the boundary of its inception.

They are those who want to help you “make it” in the profession of writing. But listen: is it not in any direction one tarries to meet? Correct. It is not only in writing. It is in everything else as well. One may wonder how it is I am so expert in the matter. I have been for the last thirty years and some, working at my [in-full-sometimes, in-part-others] “day job” for lack of a better name. Or, rather, it is for a tendency toward shame.

Yes, real estate is a profession since one must gain knowledge by completing  coursework before one may schedule to take an examination, and then one must pay exorbitant fees to actually acquire the license you have won by examination, and then to participate in the “profession” of real estate sales there are much more fees and dues, and what not.

Yes, that’s it: I am a real estate broker–not a mere sales agent, although working for another broker, whatever one may wish to call it, one is at once a sales agent but in service to another broker who has the same qualifications as I do, only has much more money to expand upon an office with all the norms of doing business. It is then their prerogative to hire those who seek desperately to make a sale in order to be paid a commission under the problematic term in this business of an independent contractor, yet must for all intents and purposes be employed by the man with the money in the business. So one is employed–but not employed–for the definition to be applied for tax purposes. Either way, the “agent” is the pawn, not the king or queen.

This is the honest truth, it is dependant upon a sale from the sales agent that one gains a wage, and only this in a percentage of a commission if one qualifies for a buyer or seller in buying or selling a real estate property.  A portion goes to the larger broker who has furnished the illusion for the community of the one’s independence, under his or her business domain. Besides this, one must pay added dues up front, dues to the association that certifies the broker–any broker, or sales agent–that they are a bonafide and well-put-together–ethical participant. In those accoutrements there are a thousand courses one might take–not necessarily needs, but if one wishes to compete with the monied professionals, one must append all the titles, initials and proof of certifications behind one’s name, then you understand why it is necessary; the community at large is just as pretentious, hiring only those who have a host of these appendages behind their names because it gives the community the allusion that they know more than the broker or salesperson that has only a name without all the appendages.


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