Complain, complain, complain…

You should know about complaining. Since our site is called “The Plot Thickens,” it is URGENT that you know about complaints. Or, is it?

Okay, this was a test. If I was complaining I would have continued about everyone who complains and what it gets them. Now, THIS is a complain: I haven’t the foggiest notion about why WordPress began. I’m sure it was trying to make a lot of money and now it is, and now I resent it because they began “free” and now they are trying to force their payments on me!

Okay, that was a complaint. Now here is a factual claim without complaint. I venture to say that after WordPress began free and now charges for extra helps that used to be free, they are quite astute as to the modern day marketing tactics of businesses.

Now. WHO CARES? Among those who care are disgruntled employees, monetarily strapped persons, relatives or friends of the makers of the subject, or inquisitive busy bodies, or people who are bored.

Now. WHO DOES NOT CARE? Among those who are disinterested are seriously working people, actively athletic people who spend most days outdoors, persons of specific study or research for particular content no including complaining, or people who are searching for a particular genre like Science Fiction or Religious or Romantic stories.

Now. What was the purpose of this post? To illustrate the meaning of “writing to your particular audience.”

I could have titled this post to reflect this exercise, but I would have ONLY gotten a writers’ audience. I wanted a GENERAL audience.  You’re welcome.

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