Ostrich, Take your head out of the Sand!

We are slammed with a new virus called “Coronavirus.” We in free America are quarantined, just like all the other countries in the world; it is affecting all of us in the world equally, well, considering stats of course.

Nonetheless, this is what it looks like to have your fredoms taken away; now we know what other people feel like in other countries.

This is free America; the home of the free because of the brave.

At least that is what it used to be. Everyone was free to act, to talk, to blaspheme, to rancor, to whine and also to worship, to delegate, to administer, to assemble… what a country. I love America, still do in spite of the humans that will eventually try and shut it down.

My point: there was an old metaphor we here in America used to use for those who try and ignore whenever there was a change that was not welcomed. It was said to those who tried to ignore it: “like an ostrich who puts its head in the sand.” 

The phrase speaks to cowardice:  (https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/did-you-know/ostriches-do-not-really-stick-their-heads-sand).  Or rather, those who do not deal with an issue, a problem, a challenge; rather, they ignore, distract themselves from, dismiss, discharge and simply not confront the issue of the thing that is causing the cowardice, the fear, the way in which humans do whenever they are free for a long time, then become harnessed. Think of the Jews in Nazi Germany. It started with “the ostrich who put its head in the sand.”

I’m not trying to scare anyone. All I’m doing right now, is to tell everyone to keep abreast of this Coronavirus thing in the media and in any other way in which you might have access. Distinguish between rules of conduct for the virus and how it is or is not logical or reasonable. Don’t be crazy, I see a lot of that right now too. But be vigilant, circumspect; civil, questioning, researching and discovering every aspect of the conventional rules being set down–without acting like the fool hyena that dramatizes and harangues at every little move every person makes. And by the way, BOTH negative AND positive amongst us should be able to voice their opinion without being demeaned, degraded or rancor at. For example. Many religious groups believe the media is bias (so do I). We have a right to our opinion–don’t be jack-a— about it. We can believe or not, just like you believe or not in our beliefs. That is all I am saying. And now, back to our regular programming…

On to the Writing business…

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