Good Morning By Faith!

Well, this is a “writing site,” and I had originally planned to give “writing lessons,” after all I am a teacher, and I have the education of a Master’s degree after my Bachelor’s degree of English and Education.

But now this: the Corona-virus…

I wish that were only a beer, but now we must contend with a possible catastrophic event. At least, currently, it is a pandemic, and I am in California, and all I hear is: “we haven’t touched the peak yet. Maybe a month or so more…” Nothing is clear, and there are so many “announcers” coming from every which way…

Needless to say, it is a difficult task to keep one’s mind on their skills, their talents, or their leisure, since most people are fighting for the shortest line at the grocer’s or walking circumspect, trying hard to keep from others in stores (a distance of six feet), and crossing streets just to walk their dogs. It’s a nightmare to some extent, but who best to keep it under control but each person.

This is the last time I’m talking about this. Before it came about I was so grateful each morning when I awoke. I have fibromyalgia and I noticed it’s getting a bit worse. But when this horror began it got a LOT worse, which tells me it has a lot to do with stress. The Ibuprophen I used to take only sparingly I now have to take just a little more.

My husband is still working, so every time he gets home we look at each other from afar and say, “hi.”

But it isn’t all that bad I assure you. Life was never meant to be forever on earth. I happen to believe in a “forever” outside of earth when I die, but on earth is not an eternal place.

Everyone knows we all have to die sometime. No one ever knows when. There could be an accident, various maladies, heart attack and so on. Whether one is young or old, car accidents happen, people I know, or someone else knows, have gotten killed crossing the street, or falling off a second apartment complex patio for adjusting their bird feeder, or slipping onto their patio pool and striking their head on the pavement…fatally…

We all have to get a hold of ourselves, relax folks, we can do nothing about this pandemic of Coronavirus but take precautions: wear a mask when you go into crowds, and gloves whenever you are touching everything outside of your safe space before you get home. Wash your hands often. Keep yourself clean and your home as clean as you can, and then, relax.

If your’re still working God bless you! If not, turn off the bill collector’s calls and breathe. Apply for unemployment if you must, then sit back and just wait.

Read those books you’ve been wanting to read for a long time. Watch your favorite shows and those shows that teach you how to sew or do some research online about travel spots for “someday.” Learn a new language, there are apps for that; there are apps for EVERYTHING now. Figure out how to clean those danged blinds you’ve been meaning to for a long time. Be creative and draw again, or edit or write, or do some crafts with  your kids, and even color (I love to color. I don’t have kids but I still have coloring books and crayons)

Try new recipes, learn the intricacies of Dictionary research (there ARE intricacies in research I promise you.) Write letters just for fun to people you love. Practice Script writing, practice webpage developing, do SOMETHING other than stressing about our situation and worrying over addictive habits like “gotta get out, gotta go to that concert, club, membership; gotta go shopping for clothes,” etc., and so forth.

If life becomes over, it’s over, let it be. If it gets better, it gets better, let it be. Just have faith it’s a GOOD MORNING, put on your faith and smile. It’s up to YOU to believe it IS a good morning, and adjust your attitude to be creative in your own space inside until this danged thing blows over.

As I said on the last post, I will be returning to regular programming (facebook). Don’t forget to check out the other programming ( ), which is my “review webpage,”  and on that website please feel free to post reviews of your own. If you have any trouble posting please let me know so I can take care of it.

And remember, post your comments here as well, I’d like to hear from you folks. Thanks for stopping by.

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