Today is One of those Days…

I don’t care what the medical institute says, I don’t believe in BiPolar illness, why? I will tell you. It contradicts Hypersensitive Personality, How? I will tell you.

Hypersensitivity is supposedly a natural phenomenon and is found in 20% of the world population (just reiterating what I read). Hypersensitivity is a personality kind, a way of being, naturally embedded into one’s DNA. The triggers for its heightened activity are: 1) loud noises, 2) crowds, 3) insightful dilemma either in the one or another close to, 4) sense of anything that is either negative or positive, but in heightened emotional intent, 5) … do you get this? It means if you react (or respond, whichever you so choose to call it) to an action, it will be much greater than the average (and other) 80% of the population. Needless to say, the 80% of the population sees the 20% as overreacts, drama kings & queens, neurotic, and so forth. While, the 20% population see the 80% as crass, shallow, demeaning, insensitive, and so forth. Now, let’s throw a wrench in this hurricane, shall we?

To be bipolar is to be mentally ill. Studies have shown there may be a correlation between bipolar illness and trauma in early years or some type of traumatic onset. Thus, whenever any kind of activity occurs that may send them off, the bipolar person is dramatically (either or) depressed or elated. That sounds to me curiously like the persons in the 20%, because these persons, too, have mood swings that occur from outside stimuli.

In fact, both bipolar and hypersensitive persons are affected either negatively or positively by outside influences. And in fact, some doctors of psychology even relate immaturity to those persons who have difficulty controlling their emotions (as these two categories seem to do), making them appear co-dependent as well as bipolar or hypersensitive. or whatever else label you want to call them.

Funny: the labelers are found to be in the persons of the 80%-ers: the shallow, insensitive, devoid of warmth, apathetic, in compassionate persons….Maybe THEY should be labeled as Desensitivers, or DevoidEmotioners, or DeadHeads or something that identifies they have no soul…perhaps Soul-less would be a good name for those persons.

What am I getting at? I am sick to death of the dominate population that has stolen everything from kind, sensitive, emotional-loving people–like art, music, theater, anything that is acutely emotional–and labeled those sweet souls as though something was wrong with them. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING SENSITIVE OR MOODY in a world filled with licenscious, backbiting, hypocritical, hateful, people who have no integrity, who steal from the kinder souls, and then go about acting like they are normal. I would say the 80% of the population are NARCISSTIC, EGOTISTICAL SOCIO-PATHS, TECKIES that are good at destroying and murdering kind, artistic, and creative souls. This is my story and I AM sticking to it. I would rather be a hypersensitive soul or moody person any day than be a soul-less monster.

[mic dropped]

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