The Zombie Phenomena

This morning I had all intentions of writing something of artistic, creative & loving value. And then came the computer, Silicon Valley’s Satan. Its developers’ dossier: techie squeelers, billing trailers, secret gateway soldiers, identity shifters, and all sorts of negative technical TRICKS in which they are capable of keeping themselves masked and anonymous while robbing us all blind, are alive and well–horned and forked.

These obstacles online are what writers have to contend with just to try and lay out something beautiful, creative, artistic, loving, to someone out there who needs a little hope in humanity, through the World Wide Web (archaic term, now, is it not?).

I would much rather write letters but, who reads letters anymore? The left says we are killing trees (but it’s okay to kill people with their rhetoric). So we ALL must turn “GREEN,” must we? Okay, sounds like they are doing good, but Satan spoke a good lie to Eve, too.

By the time I use the new “green” way of life; to pay bills online, play “fix-it” with the calendars’ erroneous alerts, uploading software apps, hardware extensions, plowing a multitude of passwords into my brain, receiving account errors and having to call phone numbers and wait to talk to someone for help, about–yes that’s right–about half an hour or more, forcing me to initiate add-ons, a million new emails from people, companies, & institutions I have never subscribed to, but who got my info. from “trusted” registrations… I am in such a fowl mood it is unbelievable how these annoying constants change my joy to misery so quickly, and…but, is it so quickly? Noooooooo.

In fact, I set out to write at 8:30 am and ended up finished with all the computer crap that I am now at the 2:00 pm hour, having written nothing but angry statements like this and the post before this one!! And now, my time is up, I must do OTHER incidental things like walking the dogs, washing breakfast dishes, cleaning, preparation for tonight’s dinner, making sure of hampers not being overloaded & if they are, to wash clothes, then, out of exhaustion–both emotionally and physically (but really emotionally from the morning’s techie activities) I begin to eat junk, drink junk, watch tv empty-headed and in a vegetative state, and what is it you say?

I should take hold of all this nonsense and be a warrior in my own right? Come, come. That only works if one is already on the top of the pile, not those of us who are stabling the ground with our hard-earned dollars to keep those Silicon spoiled-rotten techies on top; richer than rich and having more pleasurable toys to alleviate their own pressures and stresses. No, that is not for the lower classmen, who once were called “middle-class”, and who are now joining the smaller population of lower classmen, to find that the lower class level has increased so greatly as to exonerate blame to the upper classmen who are called … I think … the … 1%?

What I’m getting at is this. We need to somehow STOP THE NONSENSE WITH THE MONEY HUNGRY GRUBBERS WHO ARE DRENCHING THE REST OF THE POPULATION TO NOTHINGNESS. I am tired, I am anxious, I am angry, and I am at my wit’s end.

I CAN’T EVEN. I think you all know what that means, and if you are there too, let’s do something about it. BUT! How? I dare you, or pray you, or whatever it is that will make you TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS!!!!

Give me some ideas by a response. If I get nothing, that means no one’s out there any longer, we’re all already turned into zombies.

Published by L.Nolan, Editor

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