Being a writer isn’t always glamorous. In fact, it’s not glamorous at all, at least not while you are actually writing. But there is an extra lot of components to writing besides the actual stories or essays, or whatever it is you write. I call these components peripherals, and they are just as necessary as your written works. To name a few–we’ll name three–let me explain how these three components are as necessary as writing and must be honed as well.

  1. Strategic planning of your writing, whether a series, one novel, a lecture, or whatever it is, it needs to be finished at some point, but it should be laid out in such a way as to be deadlined and ordered for no other reason than you know you can do it in the timeframe you have set yourself up for.
  2. Your work must be without distraction, for at least a set amount of time. But! It depends upon the deadline or timeframe by which you have set for yourself. For example, if you plan on writing a novel, and you want it to be done within six months to a year, figure out how many pages (or words) you will be writing (according to a set outline of some sort), your own temperament, the content of your work could actually cause your energy to wane at times, and then figure how many words a day you must create and how much time it will take you to create them. Then plow in!
  3. For Pete’s sake, this is thee most important! You MUST be supported, financially, emotionally, and physically, not to mention spiritually–yes all this must be in harmony. For someone to be able to CREATE a work of art, life around that someone must be at peace. If you have a significant other, they must be willing to be of help (dinner, dishes, pets, etc.) when you are in the middle of a plot block or climactic finish.
These three little points seem trivial, but they are not. They are so important to a novelist, an author or writer of any kind of work that must be impeccable to be submitted with the writer's own integrity. A good work of art takes true focus and energy to the task; only a true believer in the artist will understand what I write here.

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